What goals do we have with our lingerie?

Dreamlove is more than a lingerie distributor. It is a response to the needs of women and a tribute to their femininity. Through elegant, sexy and even seductive patterns, we inspire, support and encourage you to act! We want to say it loud and proud that every woman is important and attractive.

We want to make women fall in love with their own bodies, so they won't be intimidated by choosing daring lingerie, the most important thing for themselves, and so they can feel special even during everyday activities... Regardless of where you live, who are you. you are, how old you are and what size you wear. Remember that any woman can feel wonderful, sexy and attractive.

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The keys to selling PREMIUM lingerie

Offer a wide variety to the end customer

We offer a wide variety of underwear, casual and sexy, but also fantastic accessories to take your games to the next level: we are also specialists in lingerie accessories. Discover and explore our most popular designs and find the next sexy piece to wear the next time the temperature rises!

Lingerie for all sexual preferencest erotic 

At Dreamlove we don't select lingerie for a stereotypical woman because that simply doesn't exist - we proudly select for the broader sense of women and for any type of subculture. No matter what your preference or (secret) desire is, we've got the perfect sexy, stylish, fetish clothing for women, whether you're very stylish or extremely edgy. ..

Confidence of selling a safe garment 

The lingerie brands that we work with at Dreamlove go much further, they will even give you suggestions on new styles, helping your fantasy go to the next level, one that perhaps you did not expect to dare. All the brands we work with have an exciting use that not only makes you feel elegant, attractive and very sexy, but builds a lot of extra confidence. All lingerie suppliers at Dreamlove pass strict quality controls and an exceptional quality guarantee.

Above all QUALITY

Since the beginning of Dreamlove, we have paid the utmost attention to both design and perfect quality. We work with lingerie mainly produced in Europe, the collections are made with the best carefully selected materials. The delicate lace, pleasing satin and unique knit fabrics used in all bodystockings are top notch in the women's lingerie category. In all the designs of the major brands, appearance goes hand in hand with comfort, which is a great advantage of our outfits. Here, each product goes through a double quality control procedure. The presentation is very important and we carefully take care of every detail.

Let's talk more about the products

Do I have in stock the products I sell?

You do not need to have the products in stock. You can have some sample products if it is more convenient for your business, but you can always order easily, offering your customers to have their order in 24 hours either at their direct address or at your business.

What can surprise me?

What else can you find in the Dreamlove offer that you might not even expect? Swimsuits: That is, unconventional swimsuits for women who want to feel sexy at the highest level. A series of cosmetics with pheromones - a real bestseller on the market. Sensual perfumes and bath bombs are an excellent addition to lingerie, emphasizing your assets and enhancing pleasurable sensations. Sexy accessories: daring tops, masks, blinders and body jewelry. These are gadgets for those who want to overcome barriers or just have a good time in the bedroom!

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