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What's HOMEPARTYSEX or tuppersex?

It’s one of the best forms of direct sales. Meetings can be held at home, business premises, hair salons, beauty salons, gyms… The advisers sell erotic items and bring the latest market developments directly to the customer without having to move.

The tuppersex meetings are usually held at the hostess home; she invites her friends to see the latest developments in the erotic market, sex toys, cosmetics, lingerie… The adviser arrives at the hostess home with her friends and explains entertainingly and enjoyably everything related to the sector. Once the environment is created and the meeting is held, the host and her friends make their purchases directly from her home without having to move.

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Advantages of Tuppersex

How many people can attend the meeting?

Ideally, groups between 8 and 16. More people will break the environment and if there are less than 8 we will have fewer chances to sell more.

What erotic item do I have to carry?

Vibrators are the number 1 item par excellence, but you have to supplement it with more items such as massage oils, aphrodisiacs, enhancers, rings vibrators, stimulators… It would be perfect to have 40 items for variety in order to offer an assortment that we can help you select from our experience.

How long does a meeting take?

Up to two hours. When there’s a tuppersex meeting and we try to create a pleasant atmosphere, the time passes very quickly, and it's not advisable to stay longer. An average of two hours/two and a half hours approximately is a great sweet spot.

What profits will I get?

It’s an increasingly profitable business; sometimes you get more, and sometimes not, but as a general rule it works for the whole year. With 4-5 monthly meetings, you can get a pretty good profit: between 500-1000 euros per month.

Let's speak about sales 

Do I have in stock the products I sell?

It’s not necessary to have the products in stock. On our website you can place your order and have it delivered to your home in less than 24 hours, that is to say, you offer the possibility to your clients to have their package delivered within 24 hours.

The lead time?

About 24-48 hours, the package is sent the same day if the order is placed before 6:00 pm (Spain) and 3:00 pm for International orders. Your customer receives the order within 24, 48 or 72 hours according to the carrier you choose and don´t forget, orders more than 500€ have free Shipping costs for all Europe!!

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