What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a type of retail sale that is characterized mainly because the retailer does not have the products in its facilities, but rather it is the wholesaler himself who is in charge of delivering the merchandise to the final customer, with which the retailer does not have to invest in stock. In summary;

You receive an order from your customer.

  • You receive an order on your website from your client.
  • You enter this order in your private area of Dreamlove or you can automate the orders without having to enter your private area.
  • Indicates the data and delivery address of your client.
  • These data are transmitted to the logistics platform of International Dreamlove
  • The order is sent the same day according to our time limits (Working days, if there are changes in the departure time you will always be informed in your Dreamlove control panel so that you can notify your client)
It is the ideal business model to sell products without physical stock directly to your customer
Dreamlove is one of the first European companies to apply the DropShipping idea since 2007 . During this time we have refined our system and for this reason we are proud to offer you a safe and reliable system in which you will only have to worry about reaching the largest number of customers: we take care of the rest.
  • In the order confirmation you will already have the tracking or tracking number of the order assigned.
  • Fast delivery to your client according to the chosen transport option.
  • A signature is always requested on every delivery to ensure the proper reception of the package.

How does it work?


Pasos dropshipping dreamlove

Dreamlove has the biggest stock in Europe, the widest range of lingerie, toys, lubes, and the best brands on the market.


You receive an order from your customer on your website, great! What's next?


You seize the order in the private area of the International Dreamlove professional site, specify your customer delivery address, phone number, and the elements are transmitted to the logistic system of International Dreamlove.


We ship 99% of the orders that are processed the same day you place them within the logistics time limits that we establish on the web. The effectiveness and efficiency is real.

What are the advantages of dropshipping?

What are the specific advantages of the dropshipping proposed by International Dreamlove?

  • Storage are required  = 0 meters
  • No-Risk of unsold inventory, no tax in stock
  • Financial investment is very low
  • Available time almost equal 100%
  • No stock needed, so no cash to block
  • Time to stock management and logistic: 0 minutes per day
  • The best and biggest stock in Europe; About  12.000 Items.
  • Free download of files with connection to the webservice, images, video HD, description, stock, EAN code.
  • You will always have the catalogue updated
  • You can offer your products all over Europe. The products are available with descriptions in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French and German.
  • Big confidentiality with the customer's information
  • Dreamlove is the only company in  Europe that offers such an attractive formula, elaborated with many popular brands, and with the best logistic system.

Dreamlove is confidential for your customer...


With total trust and transparency. The IT system of International Dreamlove does not allow recovering any data regarding the final customer. Ethically, International Dreamlove will never develop this technical function. Consequently, commits itself officially not to use your client list.


The invoice, of course, will not be sent in the package. The invoice will be available in your control panel, we also guarantee that we do not send any type of information, be it commercial information, delivery notes or any information that could endanger your business.

Don't worry, in no case will any trace of Dreamlove reach the end customer.


The packaging is completely discreet, without logos. The client will not know the origin of the shipment; not even reviewing the delivery note from the logistics agency, because it always puts an anonymous name.

In no case will the client be able to know the sender.


Let us tell you about our shipping and logistic system.

We send the orders the same day that you manage the order in our system in 99% of cases, the order must be managed within the time limits that we establish on the web You will receive an email at the time of dispatch, with the tracking number of your package.

You will have information about the real stock on our website in real-time.

The cost of each shipment depends on the weight and volume of the package in question; We have very competitive prices, from €6 Euros*.

Nevertheless, You also have to bear in mind that you're going to charge the client for the transportation costs. Regardless of whether it was you or International Dreamlove that sent the package, the client has to pay for the costs incurred just the same.

Your customer receives the order within 24/72 hours according to the carrier you choose. The parcel has an anonymous name (PC LOGISTIC) as well on the label of transport as on the internal delivery slip.


 Almost no cost per order.

  • Simple financial costs that you do not have to handle.
  • The most complicated task of your activity is entrusted to the biggest Spanish specialist in logistics.
  • A big opportunity to refocus on your job, your commercial actions, and your reference.
  • A direct connection with your supplier. 


  • Minimum orders are not required when working with the dropshipping system. You can make orders for any amount. 

Great! but I have more questions...

Who is it meant for?

It's meant for all business people, retailers, intermediaries, webmasters, etc. It's meant for people that need to dispatch and deliver orders to addresses that are different from the usual ones.


I use eBay or the online sales communities and I want to start up my own online sales business.

I'm a tupper sex consultant and I organise home-shopping parties away from home, but I would prefer not to have to go back to the previous location's house to deliver the orders.

I have an e-commerce business selling adult toys, lingerie, cosmetics but I don't have the time, the space or the resources to store the products or dispatch them on the same day as I receive the orders.

About recommended retail price of the products?

We are direct manufacturers and distributors and that means that brands tend to control the market online. There is freedom for promotions or isolated offers, but you must establish limits on discounts to customers, market protection is the guarantee of a sustainable future in price control.

When can I start to work with the system of International Dreamlove?

Now!! You can already start to make orders and send them to third parties using the dropshipping system whenever you want. Dreamlove is the best option for your business.

How can I get pictures, video, text and full information?

Free downloading of files with all format, XLS, XML, CSV and connection webservice, images, video HD, items, real-time inventory.

If you don't have a website - Do you want software with the website?

IF you don't have time to make a website and downloaded CSV, XML, XLS. International dreamlove offers a revolutionary system with software and a website, it can be ready in 48 hours with design.


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