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An award-winning distributor/manufacture of adult toys, novelties and lingerie England

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Our values

+ than 15,000 high-turnover references.

Custom Project Management.

Automated distribution logistics center with Vertical Picking.

Manufacturing Center for Dreamlove brands and Manufacturing for third parties.

Industrial Capacity; 3,800,000 Vibrators + 2,602,000 lubricants + 5,480,260 lingerie items sold annually.


International Dreamlove S.L. ALWAYS ON THE MOVE!

We move forward without ceasing to be ourselves, without complexes, measuring up to our own expectations and dreams, feeling and offering confidence.

Mr. Mario Romero Molina
Ceo International Dreamlove

We export to more than 84 countries in the world, And this is...


  • 2007

    The Dreamlove Name is born and the first small distribution center with only 200 square meters is founded in Seville. 300 products and great enthusiasm.
  • 2009

    The second distribution center is created with 500 references and thinking 24 hours to innovate the erotic product sector.
  • 2010

    A new distribution center is opened in Alcalá de Guadaira, unifying the two previously created. 2,000 referrals and a growth of 100 referrals per day.
  • 2012

    7,000 references and exporting to 10 countries, the name International Dreamlove was born.
  • 2013

    expansion stage and annual growth of 80%.
  • 2014

    18,000 References in stock and more than 2,000,000 million vibrators sold annually make Dreamlove the largest distributor and manufacturer in southern Europe.
  • 2015

    Supply of large projects for international fairs in China, the United States and Europe. Recognition of the international brand DREAMLOVE and leadership position in the distribution sector.
  • 2018

    Manufacture of more than 40% of the annual references sold by Dreamlove
  • 2021

    The new Dreamlove facilities with more than 15,000 square meters are being built. 


International Dreamlove was founded in 2007. In the beginning it all started as a logistic project for the import and distribution of Erotic toys and lingerie for the countries of Spain and Portugal. In the first installations, live presentations of innovative products were made and made known to all retail customers through digital presentations. These demos not only provide a unique possibility to present the products to professional customers but also to know the impression and response of the end customer.

For years this derived from the experience of the company in creating new products that, through digital marketing, new technologies and interaction with the end customer, boosted the sales of our retail clients, creating a chain of professional success. In later years, the response and behavior of consumers was studied in detail through Marketing campaigns related to the erotic products sector.

International Dreamlove markets its products since 2009 in large stores, supermarkets, shopping centers, specialized erotic stores, pharmacies, parapharmacies, hotels, spas or lingerie stores, creating, innovating in the sector through the digital revolution and respecting the chain logistics of our retail customers.
With the expansion of electronic commerce, at Dreamlove we have adapted our strategy internationally by carrying out global campaigns that improve the visualization of the erotic product as a basic consumer product, eliminating taboos or misconceptions about sexuality.

Today International Dreamlove has become a global erotic products leader providing innovative solutions to professional clients in distribution collaborations, proprietary product manufacturing, and responsive internet marketing.

Our wide specialized catalog of products includes personal care, innovative erotic products, well-being, lingerie and food supplements.
Through television and online channels, as well as working with the main international distributors, our products reach consumers on five continents.

Our trajectory

Following the creation of the first distribution center in Seville in 2007, Dreamlove grew rapidly with operations in France, Portugal, Italy and the United States. In 2008 the company began to distribute on a large scale in Spain before entering the international market in 2012. Since 2013 there has been an annual growth of 80% in countries of the European Union that has continued to this day.


Since its origins, DREAMLOVE has been the business project of John Armstrong, who began his business in 1996 manufacturing accessories for erotic toys. Since then the company has come a long way in which "there have been no failures, only difficulties to overcome and decisions that have opened new paths"



Our Staff

  • General management / Investor group
    • Mario Romero 
    • Miguel Angel Olid
    • Organization Chart Company
      • Sales Department
        • Spain - Portugal 
            • Irene Novo (Iberia Head of Sales)
            • Idiared Aponte
        • Europe - Russia - South America
            • Francesco Daniele (International Head of Sales)
            • Luis Miguel Vilches
            • Clara Tello
      • Product Development
            • Francisco Pérez 
            • Fernando Chang
      • Administrative Logistics Office
        • Customer Service 
            • Diego Moreno (Manager Area)
            • Mario Villegas
            • Hiniesta Mallofret
            • Estrella Escamilla
            • Alexis Caswell
            • María José Moreno 
        • Purchases and Approval
            • Magdalena Gabrys
        • Accounting / Administration/ Human resources
            • Ana Sofía Aragón
            • Dolores Luna
            • Maria Jesus Mengual
            • Miguel Ángel González
      • Warehouse Staff 
            • Alejandro Alonso
            • Jesus Alonso Serván
            • Angel Antequera
            • Alejandro Beck 
            • Ivan Bocardo
            • Joaquin Lopez 
            • Alberto Canuto
            • Raul Carrascosa
            • Juan Carlos Castillo
            • Manuel Castro
            • Tamara Corral
            • Mari Carmen Dominguez
            • Ana Gomez
            • Olga Guzman
            • Ismael Armouch
            • Eduardo Hermosin
            • Jose Hurtado
            • Daniel Montaño 
            • Samuel Moreno
            • Tamara Ortega
            • Alejandro Palomo
            • Alberto Sanchez
            • Marco Antonio Sanchez
            • Luis Jesus de la Sierra 
            • Cristel León
            • Raquel Lopez
            • Debora Salas
            • Eva Maria Torres
            • Elisabeth Medina 


Pol. Ind Los Palilllos Calle Uno 3
41500 Alcalá de Guadaira (Sevilla) ESPAÑA
+ 34 955630377 / Fax; +34 955490596

Inscrita en el registro mercantil de Sevilla. Tomo 5691, Folio 71, Inscripción 1 con hoja SE-97090 - CIF: B-90068404

Inscrita en el Registro General de Empresas de Venta a Distancia del Ministerio de Industria, Comercio y Turismo, con el número (NEVA) 2006/1539/01/41/6/V

Inscrita con registro Sanitario 26.0013522/SE en la Agencia Española de Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutrición

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